Up, Up and Away…

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My beautiful, my beautiful, BA-LLOOOOON. Ok, so I sang that song in 5th grade chorus and it’s one of those ridiculous and catchy tunes that I’ll always think about whenever I see ANY balloon. Yesterday, on the way to taking … Continue reading

Back to school

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As I mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of summer ending and school starting. I love fall, so that helps a little bit. I did a major decluttering and organizing of everyone’s dressers and closets a few weeks ago. … Continue reading

Snellen fractions and stuff

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Before school started, we took Zachary to an ophthalmologist. Yes, I had to use spell check on that one. I quit coffee and now I can’t write for sh*t. Anyway, I had gone to this doctor before when I was … Continue reading

Ride baby, ride!

Nature center sign © 2011 Sara. All rights reserved.

Miranda has been ready to take the training wheels off of her bike for a while. The problem was she loved the training wheels because she claimed that she could ride and glide so much faster and she thinks it’s … Continue reading

Safety patrol

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Ally is on safety patrol at school. She attended her patrol training before school started. This brings back so many memories for me because I was on safety patrol, too. Her belt is neon green-yellow and soft nylon and mine … Continue reading

Karate sleepover

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Before school started, the kids had a sleepover at karate. Master Angel and his family have a tremendous amount of patience to undertake something like this. They had a good turnout and Zachary and Ally had so much fun. They … Continue reading

End of summer beach visit

Sanford Beach sign © 2011 Sara. All rights reserved.

Okay, so I’m pretty late in posting this. I wanted to share these photos three weeks ago. Oops. I took a gazillion beach photos. I’m only sharing half of them from this trip. You’re welcome. I have tons of beach … Continue reading

End of summer traditions

Midland county fair sign. © 2011 Sara. All rights reserved.

I hate the end of summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn. It’s my absolute favorite time of the year. But I am always sad when the kids go back to school. There are so many changes going on … Continue reading

Holes in her head and stuff

Claire's at the mall. © 2011 Sara. All rights reserved.

Miranda was asking for her ears to be pierced for months. Ally had her ears done a few months ago, so Miranda wanted earrings, too. Ally told her it hurt and then Miranda wouldn’t mention it again for a while. … Continue reading

Junior girl scouts

Thomas Trading Post © 2011 Sara. All rights reserved.

Ally bridged from Brownies to Junior Girl Scouts. She went on her first Junior Girl Scout camping trip. They went to Camp Oak Hills (click to see their Facebook photo gallery). We’ve never taken the kids camping because while I … Continue reading

Christmas in July

One entrance to Bronner's. © 2011 Sara. All rights reserved.

No trip to Frankenmuth is complete without a visit to Bronner’s. The largest Christmas shop. It’s unbelievable to me that we’ve been to Frankenmuth a few times and never went to Bronner’s before. It’s so huge that we didn’t even … Continue reading